Former Football Boss Sam Nyamweya Calls for FKF Audit after AFCON, Asks All The Hard Questions

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Former FKF Boss Sam Nyamweya//Photo Courtesy

Kenya’s exit from this year’s Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt continues to elicit mixed reactions among Kenyans.

While some Kenyans are happy with the team’s run in Egypt, some are not and are asking all the hard questions.

One such Kenyan is former FKF President Sam Nyamweya.

Nyamweya has called for an Audit of FKF and National Team Harambee Stars.


According to Nyamweya, it is time for football stakeholders to ask all the hard questions with regards to the preparations and performance of Harambee Stars in Egypt.

He has said that in as much as Kenya was in a tough group that consisted of Algeria and Senegal, the manner with which the team failed to shine at the grandest stage of them all cannot be accepted.

“We were in a tough group that also had Algeria and a star studded Senegal but we cannot accept failure of such magnituted,” he said.


The former football boss wants FKF to come clean on how they spent the many millions given to them by the government and CAF.

The Kenyan Government gave FKF 240 Million with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) also giving FKF 60 Million.

“The Government gave the federation 240 million and a further 60 million was received from CAF making Kenya one of the best funded teams going into the AFCON, how was the money spent?” he asked.

Nyamweya also wants to know the people that travelled with the National team to Egypt and the amount of money that was spent in their travel and upkeep at the Arab Nation.


He has also faulted FKF’s decision to hold a residential training camp for the team in France where the climatic conditions are so different from those in Egypt.


There was uproar from a number of football fans after coach Sebastien Migne named his final AFCON squad with many of them arguing that the coach named a number of undeserving players to his squad.

Nyamweya agrees with this logic and has asked FKF to come clean on whether there was interference from the executive in selecting the final list of players to the team.

“Why were some of the best players left out of the squad? Was there interference from the executive in selecting the final list of players to the team?”


The tactics of French Man Sebastien Migne have also been a cause of concern for many Kenyans who feel that he is so defensive minded. The poor performnace of the team at the AFCON has now made Nyamweya doubt if Migne is the right man for the job.

“The quality of the Coach is judged by the performance of the team. Is Sebastien Migne the right man for the Harambee Stars Job?” he posed.

Nyamweya has claimed that the current leadership of FKF has let down Kenyans having allegedly turned FKF to a private entity.

“The FKF top Management has turned the national team into a private entity making decisions without looking at the National interests. Harambee Stars belongs to Kenyans and not an individual,” Said Nyamweya.

He concluded by saying that they will not sit back and watch Harambee Stars turned into an extension of some individual’s private club.

Nyamweya is now demanding for accountability from Kenya’s football governing body, FKF.

Will President Nick Mwendwa respond to Nyamweya? Has he caused a storm in FKF?