Avire Saga: FKF CEO Robert Muthomi Steps Aside To Give Room For Investigations

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Football Kenya Federation CEO and Secretary General Robert Muthomi//Photo Courtesy of FKF

Football Kenya Federation Secretary General and CEO Robert Muthomi has made the decision to step aside to allow room for investigations over grave allegations labeled against him with regards to the transfer of Sofapaka FC player John Avire.

Muthomi was alleged to have been engineering a move for Avire to a Club in Egypt and had even helped the foward get a Visa to travel to the Arab Nation to commence transfer talks with an unknown club. This is contrary to the rules and regulations of FIFA.

He has sensationally denied the allegations and welcomed thorough investigations into the same.

Announcing his decision to step aside, Muthomi said that he will be spending time with his family in what has been a very busy year, this even as he looks foward to resuming his duties in the near future.

He has also stated he believe’s that at the end of the investigations, he shall be vindicated and cleared of the malicious accusations against him.

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FKF President Nick Mwendwa and CEO Robert Muthomi Addressing the Press at a Past Media Briefing//Photo Courtesy of Nation Sports

“In view of the ongoing debate and conversations in regards to the allegations made by Sofapaka FC on my purported involvement in the transfer of player John Avire, i have this morning requested the FKF President to allow me step aside for investigations to commence.

While i have outmost faith in the independence and competence of the FKF Judicial process as earlier stated, I realized that for my own integrity and that of the office of the FKF General Secretary, as well as the greater football public a thoroughly credible process has to be undertaken.

I am also convinced that this is the best course of action both for public confidence on myself and the institution that is FKF.

I am Cognizant of the fact that my continued execution of the role of General Secretary while this process is ongoing may be seen as an attempt to circumvent or influence the investigation process.

Nonetheless, I would like to reiterate that i have not resigned my position as General Secretary and CEO of FKF, and that i believe that at the end of the investigation, i shall be vindicated and cleared of these malicious accusations.

Due to the sensitive nature of these allegations, I trust that the FKF President will move quickly to expedite the investigation process with a view of ensuring fairness and justice for all.

In the meantime, i will take this opportunity to spend more time with my family in what has been a very busy year, this even as i look foward to resuming my duties in the near future.

I will not be making any further comment on the matter until the judicial process has concluded” he said in a Detailed Press Statement.