“You will all have to work for your number” Okumbi Calls on All Wazito Players To Give Their Best Shot in the KPL

From Wazito-FC.Com

Wazito FC Technical Director Stanley Okumbi has challenged every player to put their best foot forward, every match day and in the training ground to secure playing time.

Speaking during the first team meeting to jump-start the season, he said that no one is guaranteed a position. “You will all have to work for your number. As the technical bench, we have no predetermined positions for certain players. If will be your hard work and sweat that will secure you consistent playing time”, he stated.

Striker Pistone Mutamba following the proceedings.

The meeting was the first where new players met the technical bench and the playing unit.

Welcoming new players, Catherine Mumma, an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, talked about teamwork, discipline, desire and will. She also urged team players to be sharing information and creating an environment that players are comfortable. “Players and management should work hand in hand to achieve team targets. Wazito is joining the Kenya Premier League (KPL) as competitor’s not participants”, she asserted.

She further asked the technical bench and management to create a conducive environment for the player.

Okumbi further took time to speak on every player, thanking them for their contribution during the league and encouraging them to keep at their best.

Derrick Otanga, David Oswe following the remarks at the meeting.

On the new players, he spoke on their style of play, acknowledging a moment or two he interacted with them or wished to and appreciating that they will then work together to ensure the club achieves its ambitions.

Okumbi also thanked all the staff for the team work during last season in NSL and assured new players that staff will ensure that they get all the support to excel. He challenged players to think beyond Wazito and National Team.

Team Manager Bramwell Makotsi was optimistic that the squad is now beefed up and ready to begin the pre-season training as they prepare for the comeback to the Premier League.

On his part, fitness trainer Lawrence Suji urged every player to be sensitive to their physical and mental strengths and weakness and inform him or the coach in good time, to better prepare the team for league.

Lawrence Suji making his remarks.

The Sporting Director Solomon Alubala was ecstatic about the new season. “I look forward to an exciting season ahead. We have made some great investments and we believe the team has what it takes to challenge for any trophy available.”